Hey there!

I’m Patty Levine – mom, wife, artist, designer, crafter, upcycler, collector (nice way of saying packrat, junkaholic, garbage picker), surfer and animal lover.

Welcome to Ooh! I love that
I’m here to help you fearlessly create a beautiful home that makes you feel warm and spectacular. A haven where you can be in love with the furnishings, accessories, colors and textures that you select for it. I’ve been helping people select and create things for their homes for over twenty years. I get great joy out of seeing their excitement when they add that perfect statement piece or fulfill their dream of that gorgeous room. The pleasure and pride they feel can’t be beat. I love that contagious energy. I grew up in a home where my parents took tremendous pride and pleasure in making things beautiful and welcoming to family and friends. Everyone was always welcome to share a meal, to stop by without an invitation or to just hang out. They entertained often and people loved being there and I loved growing up in that home. I learned so much from them about living with grace, purpose and positivity and have tried to create the same type of home with my family.

You may be asking why I would name a business Ooh! I love that? It doesn’t just roll off the tongue but it’s easy to remember but my husband, David, has always teased me because I have to touch things and see what they feel like and I always comment “Ooh! I love that”. He thought that was the strangest thing but can now appreciate that everything I see or touch is an idea. I snap photo in my head of what it could be. So…I collect things and reinvent them, I paint things or add fabric to give them new life, I build things to recycle and try to do my part to help save this incredible planet. I’ve been doing this stuff for years and have finally decided to share it beyond just family and friends.

Ooh! I love that is my side gig. I am blessed to work for two great corporations and am thankful for that every day but creating things is my passion, my purpose and my pleasure. If I could build things and surf every day with my amazing family nearby, my life would be perfect – maybe someday. For now, please stop by often and let me know how I can help you create a beautiful adventure in your home.

See you soon!